I am steadily progressing on my Ceylon muslin, and it’s coming along quite well so far! One side of the front:

And the beginning of the yoke and front bodice:


So far it looks like it will fit pretty well, but you just never know. I’m concerned, as always, about the bust, but just a few more seams and I’ll be able to tell if any adjustments are called for. If this muslin works out, it just might be a cute Valentine’s Day dress! I’m eager to finish it and get onto the real dress, but I’m glad I’m taking the time to practice the construction now. Too often I rush into something, and adjust later. A little more patience will hopefully give me a better final garment.

In other news, Happy Groundhog Day! I’m reading reports of snow-covered states all over the country, but Portland is strangely sunny today. Cold, but as long as there’s sun, I’ll take it!