It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and I’ve fallen in love. Not with a boy or a girl, but with a dress.

This was supposed to be my test dress, my muslin, for the Ceylon pattern. I chose this fabric from my stash specifically as a throw-away option, because I knew I could mess it up and I wouldn’t care. “I won’t wear this dress anyway,” I thought. “It’s striped pink!” But as I saw the shape of a dress form, I began to feel something. I began to put a bit more care into my sewing. I pressed and pinned and measured. I did French seams.  Could we call it a bit of a crush? A Valentine of a dress?

I don’t even like pink. But oh, my. I like this dress.

You can’t see it very well in this myspace-inspired photo (I’m thinking I should have ironed it…), but this dress actually fits me surprisingly well in the bust! That’s always my worry, but I think it looks pretty good. It needs buttons, of course. I might adjust a few things when I make this in my “real” fabric, but overall, I really love how this came out.

I’d like to go sailing in this dress on a sunny day, with a wicker picnic basket and a dog. I’d wear a hat, but I’d have to hold it down when the wind picked up. I’d wear some great heels, but then I’d take them off to go barefoot. Bright red lipstick would be needed. My pet narwhal would swim along beside the boat and squirt water until I fed him sardines.

If anyone has any of those things, feel free to send them my way for a photo shoot, because my crush deserves some great pictures. And some chocolate.