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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is the day to celebrate all the love in your life! Personally, I’ll take any excuse to eat chocolate, drink wine, lock the bedroom door, and celebrate life. And no, you’re not required to buy a Hallmark card.

Jesse and I had big plans of making macarons, croissants, heart-shaped cookies with red frosting, and more festive things to celebrate this weekend, but…well… we didn’t. Instead we watched Harry Potter 7, drank a blueberry beer, got fondue from a food cart, ate sushi from those conveyor belt things (yay!), and tried out a candle that turns into massage oil when it melts (also yay!).  It was a successful weekend, despite the lack of baked goods.

We also had a little adventure, which deserves it’s own post. Coming tomorrow, but here’s a hint:

Vivienne Riding her Bike, via Matte Stephens

{Please click the image to check out more of his art. I’d like to wallpaper my life with it, if I could…}

I hope your Valentine’s Day is happy and full of baked goods!