Sewing has been slow this week. I ran out of blue thread and interfacing, and fabric for my practice quilt hasn’t arrived in the mail yet. *Sigh*

But I’ve been cooking! Bavarian-style! We usually go for quick, easy meals in our house, but every once in awhile it’s so nice to set the table and have a main entree with a few sides. Makes it feel like a real meal.  There was no special occasion for this; it was just my night to cook and I was in the mood. We’ve also run through our going-out-to-eat budget this month, so a big homemade meal was an attempt to stave off the “This doesn’t sound good, let’s just go out to eat,” thoughts.

I started out thinking that I wanted to make a German Potato Salad. It’s the kind that’s served warm, with a little vinegar on it, covered with dill. After I knew I wanted that, it was a quick hop to find other German-themed dishes. A lot of these are specifically Bavarian: Bavaria (Bayern) is in southern Germany, home of Munich, Freiburg, and Oktoberfest.

Radishes for White Radish Salad. Aren't they so pretty?

Most of these recipes are from Epicurious.com, with some variations. For example, I didn’t put in any bacon where it was called for, and I used chicken stock instead of beef… stuff like that.

  • Bavarian Sausage Hot Pot: a thick, veggie-laden stew with cabbage, carrots, leeks, and sausage. Hearty and delicious! I love the caraway seeds in this.
  • German Potato Salad: I left out the bacon, and I added dill.
  • White Radish Salad: a nice light accompaniament to the heavier dishes.
  • Homemade Pretzels: by Jesse, because he’s our master baker. Perfectly soft and chewy, delicious with stone-ground mustard!
  • Beer: well, of course. Traditionally a pilsner or lager but practically whatever you’re in the mood for.
  • Sour Cherry Strudels: mine were actually mixed berry. Also, I dislike working with phyllo dough. Not a great success.

Purple cabbage in a pot

This food is so hearty. It felt perfect for a chilly February evening with friends. Food really does warm the heart, you know, especially when you share it with people you love. It also doesn’t hurt if they compliment you on it.

German Beer

Jesse and I split beer one on the right, which simply said “Bavarian-style beer,” and was quite tasty. The other one is a doppelbock, and will be imbibed this weekend with leftovers! Happy Bavarian night to us!