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Finally, pictures! I got all the buttons sewn onto my new Ceylon dress, and it debuted at Bird and Rocket’s show on Friday night, to many compliments. I can’t shake the feeling that I’m just showing off when I wear things I’ve made! I guess I should just accept it–yes, I am. Maybe that’s okay.

If you remember, this dress was my “test” of the Ceylon pattern, just to get the feel for it before cutting into my nicer fabric. But as it took the shape of the dress, those pink stripes started to grow on me, and when I saw how well it fit…. well, it was love. A Valentine’s Day miracle!

Because it’s February my dreams of riding a sailboat in the wind didn’t materialize, but I did manage to make a rustic little background that (hopefully) evokes a little bit of summer. Do you like my clouds?


I’ve already started my “real” Ceylon, armed with a few adjustments, and it should go fairly fast. I think I’ll love them both the same, though the 2nd one will be more appropriate for work. This one will be appropriate for summer picnics, bike rides, the circus and, as proven, Bird and Rocket shows.