I’ve been waiting impatiently for new fabric to be delivered, and it finally came! There’s nothing like oo-ing over pretty prints and popping colors. Included in the pack was some plain white fabric, to provide the background of my Circle Quilt. Here are the beginnings of it:

I’m really enjoying those colors together. These circles will be arranged in rows, something like a Twister mat. I chose it for the simplicity of the design, but then I read somewhere that circles and curves are challenging. Whoops. At least I’m not aiming for perfection here. It’s all washed, so now I need to iron and cut out the blocks for it. I’m following this tutorial, in case anyone is curious.

The other fabric that came is for my bigger, fancier quilt. That one is supposed to be for later, after I finished my practice quilt and my Spring Wardrobe Challenge. But I’m too excited about it! I already bought a Dresden Wedge ruler, and I keep wanting to cut pieces out, “just to try it!” The last thing I need is to start another project, though, so I’m going to have to hide all of this fabric.

This is the rough idea of the Dresden Plate, with the orange dot in the middle. Do you see the bike fabric? I just found that this weekend, and thought it was an appropriate addition. I’m going for pumpkin, sage green, rust red and turquoise, with a little neutral thrown in. It looks busy, but they’ll be cut into such small wedges that it shouldn’t be too overwhelming. Hopefully. I’ve seriously got to stop looking at these, I’m getting itchy.

I’m still plugging away on my purple Ceylon, and I’ll start cutting out the blocks from the white cotton soon, too. Right after I stash all this in the back closet and put a heavy box on top.