Yesterday was one of those days that convince you better weather does exist. It was a dry day, a sunny day, and a warm day, all in one. Plus, the sun is sticking around later in the evening, which always makes me happy.

This was all lucky, since yesterday was also the day my keys weren’t in my purse when I got home. I was locked out. And no one else would be home for another hour and a half. But I was armed with a book (The God of Small Things, by Arundhati Roy), comfy shoes, a coffeeshop to walk to, and my camera.

I go on walks often but it’s rare that I really focus on it. If I’m not rushing to the post office, I’m hurrying home from the store, or talking to Jesse, or thinking about those life stresses (taxes, budget, savings, money, money, money…sigh). But on this walk, all that stopped. I breathed the cool air, ambled through the lengthening shadows, and looked around. Here’s what I saw.

The sunset. It’s not radical or stunning, but it is rare in our cloudy city. This view is looking west down Hawthorne, with that elusive sunlight.

Moss. This isn’t rare here–it’s everywhere, lining sidewalks and crawling up trees. I grew up in one of the driest climates outside of the desert, so I still expect to see fairies fluttering around anything covered in moss.

Spring. I saw it! It’s coming! The rain will come back, but it’s hard to get discouraged when the trees and gardens are in bloom. Hello, pretty pink flower and lovely crocuses.


A house that makes me want to speak German and a house that makes me want to speak French. Ein schönes Haus right next to une belle maison. Oui, oui! Ja wohl!

Speaking of fairies, this must be where they live. Or would that be garden gnomes? None of them were around to ask–they were probably all inside.


I made it to my coffeeshop (happily, the one where Jesse works,) and spent a nice hour reading and sipping a beer before we went home.  Not a bad way to spend my evening!

Perhaps I should lose my keys more often. I bet those gnomes stole them.

I promise I’m working hard on sewing projects, despite a few hiccups (like being locked out.) Almost, almost done!