Why can’t I finish a project lately? I just keep putting things off every night, stuck in an “almost-done” zone.

Rather than actually finishing anything, it’s much more fun to plan the next project. Awhile ago I bought this Nani Iro Fuccra fabric:

I’m still stunned by it’s beauty! It’s even more lovely in person, when you can feel it’s soft lightness and dream of summer days. It’s double-gauze, which is two layers of loose gauze woven together to create a front and back. This is wonderful–you don’t need a lining and it keeps everything airy and light. I have 2 1/2 yards of this.

When I bought the fabric I started browsing around some sites that showed Japanese dress books, which are seriously beautiful. The dresses are usually simple and unworked, allowing the fabric pattern to shine. I feel like I should aim for something like that with this fabric. Something I can slip on over my head, that feels quick and easy for summer, but still nice enough to look good in. I like these tunic examples: 

From Lunepetal, via Burda Style.

Or this one, made with my same fabric:


via Flickr.

I love the flowy ease of both styles, and the way they are loose, but could easily be more fitted with a belt, or an added elastic waist.

I also really like the Theresa Dress, from Burda Style:

The ruffles, the pockets, the fluffy skirt, the tie belt. Such a great style! But I’m not sure if it’s right for my Nani Iro. Looks like there’s a zipper closure, and it’s much more fitted. Concerns: The circular yoke/neckline is very similar to two other dresses I’ve made, from my Chantilly pattern.  Also, would the ruffles distract from the pretty print? (You can click on the photo for examples of this dress.)

Help me, dear Readers! What do you think? Should I make an easy tunic? Should I make the Theresa as is? Should I try to modify it by using an elastic waist and maybe adding sleeves, which could be dangerous? Or should I scrap it all and do something completely different? Give me your opinions!