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It’s a late post today, owing to the fact that I’ve been in bed most of the day. I woke up Sunday with that awful knowledge of “I’m sick,” and have been reveling in my husband’s nursing skills ever since. I did manage to take some pictures of a shirt I finally finished, though, so I’m dragging myself out of my cozy nook to post them. Actually, I’m just posting them from my cozy nook. Don’t feel too sorry for me.

This shirt is made from Burda’s Jennifer pattern that I’ve used before. The fabric is a lightweight cotton just perfect for spring and summer. And I love that navy blue and coral together!

I bought it last April at Bolt as a remnant, so I had precious little, meaning it’s on the short side. See that peek of stomach there? I usually hate that! But, what can you do? I love the fabric too much not to wear it.

I tried to change the neckline of the pattern without a plan in mind and ended up with a big, floppy neck that I hated. So I added a giant ruffle–problem solved! Almost looks like I meant it to end up like that.

And in the back–a little keyhole with a single button. I love that. One of my favorite parts.

If I had to re-do this shirt, I would make the sleeves a little bit bigger, the length a little longer, and actually have a plan for the neck from the beginning. I started this shirt last fall, then got frustrated with it and stuffed it away to forget for awhile. When I found it last week I was determined to just finish it, no matter what it ended up as. It’s not my favorite (most comfortable) creation ever, but that fabric just erases all mistakes, I’d say. I’m still wearing it! Now that trees are in bloom with little pink flowers all over the city, it’s almost like I’m trying to match.