When Jesse and I travel, food is high on our minds. I believe the best way to travel is simply finding things to do to fill the gaps between eating. Breakfast!–fill the gap–lunch!–fill the gap–afternoon snack!–fill the gap–dinner! We tested this theory with great success on our honeymoon to Santa Fe, where we devoured green chili stew, tamales, chili-chocolate, salsa, and more.

This trip, our budget didn’t allow for any Michelin stars (does it ever?), but most cities have an abundant amount of cheap delicious fare so hunted it down on Saturday.

We started out with a waffle sandwhich at Miura Waffle Milk Bar, recommended by my friend David. Onions and bacon are baked into the crispy waffle, with egg and cheese sandwhiched between. Behind it is a “yoggy milk:” thin, drinkable yogurt. Blueberry. A perfect breakfast!

Then we filled the gap doing some things. Next up was Japadog! I mentioned my goal of trying this food cart before, and I was thrilled we made it happen. It was just as delicious as I’d hoped. We ordered the Beef Terimayo, with seaweed flakes, teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds, and the Oroshi, with grated daikon radish, green onions, and soy sauce. I think I liked the Terimayo best, since it’s hard to resist teriyaki sauce.


And then down the street we found:

Friitz, a Belgian Fry shop! Thick cut, perfectly cooked fries with a list of sauces 15 flavors long. We got dill-lemon, but the curry ketchup was tempting, too. I especially love how the tables are made to hold your Cone of Fries–how perfect is that? They serve poutine here but we decided to skip that. We’ve had the heart-attack inducing treat before, and it’s really more of a Quebec thing than BC anyway.

We also found a trdelnik at a Transylvanian Pastry shop–this sweet pastry is sold all over in Prague and the Czech Republic, so it was a fun treat to find again! It’s made by wrapping sweet dough around a stake over a fire or oven. Hollow inside, it’s covered in sugar and nuts and pulls off in big delicious curlicues.

And of course, no trip to Canada is complete without a visit to Tim Horton’s for coffee and doughnuts. I mean, you can barely walk without running into one–could they even be more numerous than Starbucks? It’s hard to tell.


Indian food, pizza, homemade curry, pumpkin pancakes, pina coladas and a Guinness were also enjoyed this trip, though I didn’t take any pictures. (Come on, I don’t snap a photo of everything I eat.) The only thing we missed was sushi. Being on the water with such a big international influence, the sushi here is supposed to be fresh and amazing–how could we miss it? I suppose we’ll just have to fill the gap until we can go back and eat…

It’s what we’re good at, after all.