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It’s done! My lovely Nani Iro fabric is now transformed into a breezy summer dress.

The sun came out for a rare moment last weekend so I could take pictures. I painted my toes in hopes of encouraging the warm weather–I was actually freezing in this picture. I used the free Kimono top pattern from Burda, then lengthened it into a dress, adding some width on the sides. It’s a little baggy without a belt, but with one I think it looks great. I added bust darts (a first!), and then I copied Lunatepetal and cut a V into the back. Hers is reversible–I cut a little bit too low to reverse it, without a shirt underneath. But the darts are pretty front-specific anyway, so the V will probably stay in back. I did bias tape on the neckline.


Actually, the more I look at this picture, the more I love the dress. The fabric is the perfect weight, so light and soft. It’s like having a cotton ball wrapped around you. A cotton ball with pretty flowers scattered on it.

I did French Seams inside, because it’s all I do since I learned how. It takes longer, but it makes the insides look so much cleaner! Some of my earlier garments are plagued by unraveling seams, so I’ve learned my lesson. I also hemmed all the edges by hand. I know how crazy that sounds, but can I tell you something? I love hand sewing. I really, really love it. I put on a movie, lean back, relax, and get to it.  I like watching the hem slowly build while feeling the drape of the fabric in my hands. And blind hems are so sneaky. It’s hemmed, but you can’t see it! It’s magic!

I have a good amount of leftover fabric, and I have no idea what to do with it. It’s too delicate for a bag, but it could be a nice lining for something… or a headband? Would a belt possibly look good, or is that too much of the same thing? Time to brainstorm.

Now I can’t wait for warm, ice-cream melting, sunglasses-wearing, park-going days to wear wear my dress to!