Every Monday night, I meet up with a fellow blogging friend at The Press Club. We try to use this time to be intentional about writing, although we sometimes get distracted by talking or eating (they have crepes! And wine! And crepes!).

Sarah writes about intentionality and challenges herself to meet goals.  The bad thing about posting goals online, she mentioned on Monday, is that then you feel really stupid in front of everyone when you don’t live up to them. And let’s be honest–we just don’t reach all of our goals all of the time. But when you post them online, you then have to admit that you didn’t live up to them. In front of everybody. “Out loud.”

All this is to say that back in January I wrote about some Spring sewing goals. I’ll just come out and say it: I’m not going to finish. I AM, however, still going to follow through with my goal of Me Made May, where I will wear one item I’ve made every day.

Summer Stripe Ceylon. Love this dress!

 A true-to-life update and revision of the previously posted goals:

1) Purple Sage Ceylon: Achieved!  This is almost a 2-for-1 deal, since I love the practice dress I made almost more than the real one.

2) Nani Iro Dress: Achieved! Great success!

3) Dress-to-Blouse remake. I’m still undecided on this one, and since I can’t firmly say that I’d like a blouse better than the dress, I’m not cutting anything until I’m sure.

4) Liberty Blouse. Turns out I don’t have quite enough fabric for the pattern I was going to use (bummer!), but I have another plan, so I’m not giving up.

5) Trousers. Complete fail. I haven’t even tried to start this one, and I don’t think I will. I’m just not ready for the cursing and fit problems that pants will bring. Goal scrapped. Good riddance.

6) Paisley Blouse. This wasn’t an original goal, but I managed to finish this anyway. Hooray me!

So, in summary, I’ve complete 2/5 goals so far, with a third one, slightly revised, in the works. And an extra one added in. Not too bad.

Two more weeks until Me Made May. I can probably make another shirt before then…but it’s not a goal or anything.