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I’ve finished the top and the back of my circle quilt! Here’s the top (back not shown).

I was aiming for a bit of a clean, Scandinavian, minimalist quilt; well, actually, I was just trying to make a quilt, but when I saw where it was headed, I decided that was my aim. Drawing a target around the arrow works, you know. Now I’m noticing it’s a bit 4th of July Patriotic, which wasn’t what I wanted to draw at all. Oh, well. I really love the simplicity of the colors and patterns, though. Nothing too obvious or loud, just great solid colors. The bottom one here is my favorite:

I had read warnings that circles were difficult to handle in quilts, but these ones were so simple I loved it. I suspect that’s because I appliqued them on, with interfacing, instead of sewing curves. I love how it turned out, though. I used this tutorial, mostly to figure out the sizes and the circles. 

Now I just need to “sandwich” it, and then actually quilt it together. I’m not sure how I’m going to do that last one, when I think about it… I’m afraid the quilt might be too big for my little machine…

To highlight the Scandinavian inspiration, here’s a blog about Stockholm: 

Eat Drink One Woman.  Ganda (like Wanda), spent six months in Stockholm, Sweden in 2009, and her account is filled with food, bike trips, photos of the gorgeous landscape, funny stories, and Swedish language tidbits. Did I mention the food? She details her hunt for the best ice cream in the city. (Mmm, that’s my kind of hunt.)

Stockholm is added to my list of places to go! And, you know, live someday. I’ll bring my quilt to keep warm.