Those imaginary wheels and cranks that turn in my brain are going through a workout today. I spent way too long researching hexagon quilts, and I’m fascinated. Everything I read on it says that they are addicting to make. I’m not sure how cutting out all those little shapes and sewing them together can be addicting, but I’m willing to believe it.

Hexagon quilt, via Etsy


Hexagons are often used to make charm quilts, where every hex is a unique fabric–no doubles. How cool. What if you added one or two doubles just to challenge people? I love this idea. And I’m intimidated by it, mostly because it requires scraps of hundreds, if not thousands, of different fabrics. So here’s the thing–what if I start making hexes today out of my scraps and save them–will I eventually have enough to put together into a quilt?

Or is that waaaayyy too much planning ahead? I’m not sure I’m ready to think about gifts for my grandchildren yet. But I kind of love the idea.