I’m pretty good about not hoarding things. I regularly clean my closet out, and get tired of clutter and mess. So how did I end up with 3 full boxes of fabric?

Compared to the serious quilters out there, that’s an incredibly small stash, but I still hate the idea of having SO much fabric sitting there, and then going out and buying more. That’s my hard-earned money laying in those boxes! So I’ve decided to start “stash-busting,” and using all my scraps and irregular rectangles to make things. A lot of my scraps are leftover from projects I’ve made, and I love the fabric so much that I can’t stand getting rid of it.

I saw this quilt on the Purl Bee the other day, and last night I went through and realized I have enough scraps, in matching colors, to make this quilt. And I think I will.

via The Purl Bee

It’s a little ridiculous to think that I probably have enough fabric to make 2 full quilts, maybe 3. And tiny scraps for another one. No more! I will use this up! But I want them to be good projects, not throw-away ones. So I’ve been scouring Flickr for scrappy, stash-busting inspiration, and here’s what I came up with:

My Stash-Bustin’ Inspiration Gallery.

I really like the fabric balls for babies–so cute and useful! I think a few other baby gifts might be in order, since I have two such cuties in my life. And the bunting is alway useful for instant party cheer.

Any other ideas?