I have been a quilting maniac this week. I’ve been cutting out all my little wedges for the Dresden Plate quilt, and I tested them out to reveal:

It works! I am amazing! Or, really, the pattern I followed was amazing. The true story is that I first cut all the wedges out in a slightly modified shape (read: wrong), leaving me with piles of wedges that won’t fit. Decidedly not amazing.

 I pulled through, though, and re-cut them all with the leftover fabric, adding a few other scraps in. It changes the color scheme slightly, but I think it’ll still look good. I’ll use the extra wedges for a design on the back of the quilt.

I’ve been so excited to see the Dresden Plates materialize that I haven’t even finished the Circle Quilt. It’s crumpled and piled up in the corner to make room for multiple piles of wedges. My craft room looks like a fabric bag threw up all over it.


These Dresden Plates are pushy! I’m ignoring several other projects, too, like the blouse I need to finish before Me Made May. And a dress for a certain friend (I swear I’m starting on that next, K!). One of these days I’ll be a little less Dresden-Plate-Centric.