There’s nothing like a Friday to get your mind wandering. Here are some places mine’s been going.

  • Spring Painting. Last Christmas I was lucky enough to get a Winter Painting from one of my favorite local artists. It’s still on our wall–maybe that’s why it’s still cold and wet outside? I just ordered a Spring Painting (it’s actually called Lost on the Midway, but it makes me think of warmer days), so maybe that will give the weather a needed hint.
  • Lost on the Midway by The Black Apple

  • I’ve always been a casual fan of Hayao Miyazaki’s anime movies, but lately I’ve gotten really into them, and we’ve added his entire oevre to our Netflix queue. Next up: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.
  • Alicia Paulson’s new crewel work sampler is gorgeous. And so tempting. Add it to my ongoing list of projects…
  • It’s May Day on Sunday, which always makes me want to wear a crown of flowers, a long skirt with an apron, and dance around a maypole. It just feels right. Anyone else? At the very least I think a bike ride in a pretty dress, and a picnic with cheese is in order.

The first day of Me Made May is coming up! I’ve been avoiding all my homemade clothes lately, afraid that I’ll get sick of them. I won’t post outfits every day, so check back on Monday for the first installment!

Until then!