Me Made May has officially started! Portland brought May in with a beautiful day. We took our bikes and a basket of goodies to Laurelhurst Park (along with half of Portland) to soak up some needed Vitamin D. I think I even got a bit sunburned…whoops!

Bikes love spring.

I have my first two outfits to show, but first a little background and credit. The original idea is from Zoe at So, Zo, What Do You Know?. She kicked off her own challenge last year in March, then invited everyone to join last May and September, and again this March. I aimed for May, to finish up some projects. Of course, a few weeks ago she announced a Me Made June challenge, but I’ve already commited to May so I’m just going for it. Check out her site for Flickr photos and more inspiration from everyone else who is joining in.

Her challenge is to wear EVERYTHING self-made, but I don’t have enough for that, so I’m wearing ONE self-made item every day. Bonus points for two.

This is the first time I wore my Nani Iro dress out, and the sun made it a perfect day to do so!  The belt is also self-made (that’s two!), and I really like the white against the blue. I also love the back of the dress, so much. As the weather warms up here, more gorgeous tattoos come out of hiding, tempting me to think about getting another one….hmm…


Back to work today, though, with the dreary clouds to prove it. I wore my Beignet skirt in green linen. No face in this picture: it’s better that way today, trust me.


This is one of my favorite self-made items. It’s well-fitting, flattering, comfortable, I love the color, and it was a breeze to sew. This was my first Colette Pattern. It has a lining, buttonholes, a blind hem.. I learned so much on this skirt! Also, it doesn’t exude that homemade air that some pieces can, for better or for worse. Next time I wear this skirt with the dark purple tights, I won’t pair it with a white shirt. It kind of looks like two different outfits smashed together.

That’s it for today—hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Check back on Wednesday for the next update!