I had to group all my homemade clothes together in my closet so I could find them easier. It’s a little sad to think that tiny pile is all I have for the next month. (And a little sad to see the PILE of clothes I had to push aside. I have way too many clothes.)

But I’m still going strong and enjoying it!

Day 3:  This little pink blouse (Burda’s Amanda) is one I don’t often wear because it’s on the short side.  I neglected to measure before sewing (amateur! I’ve learned so much), but I love the color so I keep it around. It’s a tank top, so I paired it with the cardigan and some trousers from Victoria’s Secret. They’re kind of boy-ish with straight legs and pleats, but I love the androgenous look, especially with a pink ruffley blouse. Sorry, you can’t even see them in this picture. Lame.

Day 4: I call this my 50’s Housewife skirt, because it’s high-waisted, poofy, and ties like an apron. Then I wear it to work, and giggle at the irony. It’s a blue and white seersucker stripe. I’m convinced that if I could have all my clothes in seersucker, I would. The shirt is navy jersey with kimono sleeves, and I don’t know why I’ve never worn it with the skirt before–I love it! New outfit!


Two good things:

1) The sky was bright blue as I rode my bike to work today.

2) This is the first day of the year that I don’t have leggings wrapped around my lower limbs, under my skirt. Spring/Summer? Could it be?