Happy Friday!

Today the Whole Point of Me Made May came bubbling to the surface: admitting what I never wear, and WHY.

But first, yesterday’s outfit, which was Day 5. This is my lovely 3-month old Ceylon dress. I wear a slip under it, and feel I should also have a hat and gloves. And a small dog.

I’ve been roping my co-worker into taking these pictures for me, and we snuck this one in the lunch room when everyone else was gone. Yes, that is a beer tap in the back. It’s only for Fridays (or so we say…). 


Okay, back to the Whole Point. Exhibit A  is my Sencha shirt, made in Liberty of London fabric. 

I constantly struggle with this shirt despite the gasp-inducing wonderful print, because it’s another too-short one, and also because it’s just not very comfortable. I don’t think it’s incredibly flattering, since it tends to flatten my chest and just hang weird. But I love that print! What to do?

Can I scrap a shirt I’ve so lovingly made? I really have tried to like it, again and again, but every time I do, I come back to “I don’t think I like this shirt….but maybe I’ll try again.”

If I have to force myself to wear it, and feel uncomfortable the entire day, maybe it’s time to recycle it into something else that I can actually enjoy, even if it is just a napkin. There are way too many clothes in my closet, made and bought, that I enjoy wearing more than to force myself to wear this one.

Lesson: just because I made something doesn’t mean I have to keep it around, especially if it doesn’t make me feel good. Guilting myself into wearing homemade things is not why I make them.

Have you ever had to come to that hard conclusion?