One week done! And I’m not bored with my clothes yet. I’ve actually been enjoying thinking of what to wear each day. Weekends are unique, because I have a lot of casual dresses that aren’t appropriate for work, but require warm weather. Hopefully I can get through most of them without freezing.

We’ll jump right in! I had a great weekend.

Day 7: Saturday was a pretty lazy day with rain, sewing and cooking, so I went super casual with a t-shirt I re-fashioned by sewing these birds on. Yes, Portlandia fans, I put a bird on it. {Click for the video. It’s worth it.} What can I say, I do live in Portland. (I did this about two years ago, pre-Portlandia, so it was still hip then.) It’s a super comfortable shirt, and I’m actually pretty proud of the way the bird shapes turned out. I’m thinking of doing this again with another shirt and doilies: no birds this time.


Day 8: Mother’s Day! We made brunch for Jesse’s family (with the new mom of twins! She deserved something fabulous). Jesse made a scrumptious feast that was truly impressive, and we gobbled it up until we were stuffed. Homemade croissants, heirloom tomatoes, and spinach with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce on top. I managed to make the mimosas–I know, so helpful.

I wore my pink and white striped Ceylon to the celebration. I love this dress! With the cardigan, I’m realizing I look a lot like a waitress in a Waffle House or something. I need a name tag.

Full confession: after we got home from brunch, I changed. I was so full, and it was a cold day, and we were riding bikes to a cafe… and the dress just wasn’t working for any of that. I still call the day a Me Made success since I wore it for the majority of the day, but if you want to judge me, go ahead.

Day 9: And now it’s Monday again. I like to dress up a bit more on Mondays to help push me out of the weekend. This skirt, the Marie tulip skirt from Burda, is my go-to choice because it fits great and I love the way it looks with heels. I feel ready to answer phones and take notes! Sometimes when I want to look really secretarial, I add my glasses instead of contacts.

I think I have enough work clothes to last me through this week before I need to start repeating. So far, so good. I need more warm weekend days for all my dresses! Come on, May, warm up!