I have to call today kind of a bust since I got sick and stayed home. I am still wearing something I made, though! I just don’t feel very attractive or fashionable in it.

Yesterday, Me Made May: Day 10, I did go to work, but I didn’t get a picture, because taking a photo of myself is the last thing on my mind when I feel like crap. I wore my Paisley Ruffle shirt, which I like. It’s not my favorite–the arms are a little tight, the neck feels a little wide, but I still like it on the whole. (This picture was taken a few months ago.)

Me Made May: Day 11. I almost gave up this morning due to aches, chills and a slight fever. But then Jesse convinced me to still wear a self-made thing, even if I’m sitting on the couch all day. So I pulled on this tank top that I sewed scraps to awhile ago, and managed to snap this lovely picture for you. I’ll try to get a much better, less chest-centric, picture when I wear it again later this month.

But let’s forget about feeling gross, and being lazy. We have some new neighborhood friends down the street who I like to visit on our walks, bringing plenty of dandelions for them to munch on:

So cute and furry! Their noses and little butts move in the most adorable ways. This house also has a small chicken run next door, which is a dream of mine someday. Any excuse I can find to walk down the street and visit these guys, I take. I feel like a 5-year old when I pick dandelions and throw them in for the bunnies, but hey, it’s the small joys in life.

Luckily I have my own furry friend, a bit closer.

The perfect thing for a sickly day. I’m hoping to feel a lot better since tomorrow I have Jury Duty, for the first time in my life. I feel like such an adult! (I realize the irony of this sentence coming shortly after my 5-yr old confession.) I’m trying to think of the perfect self-made item to say “I’m mature and I support democracy, but I don’t really want to sit on your jury right now.” Should I try to pull a Liz Lemon?

Well, I’m off to go gargle some more salt-water and take a nap. Here’s hoping for better health and fashion tomorrow!