Yesterday, as I said, I had Jury Duty, and I did in fact feel healthy enough to go in for my civil service. I showed up, but my name was never called. Whew. Though after the inspiring video they showed us I was all revved up to sit in a courtroom and pass my judgement! I feel robbed!  I mentioned last time that I was trying to find something to wear that said I was mature–turns out everyone wears jeans to jury duty. Everyone.

But at least I still looked good. I should point out that this is the first repeated item of the month–there’ll be more! In the below photo I am demonstrating what I did the entire time I was at the courthouse. It was a thrilling day.

I got let out a little early, which gave me time to finish today’s outfit! That’s right–a brand new shirt’s debut!

Me Made May: Day 13

I’m hoping this shirt makes Friday the 13th a little luckier for me. It’s the lovely Liberty of London fabric that I got for Christmas, made into the Amanda blouse from Burda. You’ve seen this pattern before on Day 3 (my pink blouse), but this time I lengthened it, used elastic thread around the waist to give it some stretch, and did the same for the neckline at the shoulders. I love it. It’s so comfortable, which is usually my biggest problem with self-made shirts! And of course, the fabric is lovely. It’s a Me Made Keeper! (Which might explain my weird overly excited expression in this photo…) 

And the back…

At last, a shirt I’m not complaining about! Check back this weekend for a Me Made interlude about another project I finished. I’m on a roll!