I’m halfway there! And still going strong! First, I have to apologize because I promised a non-Me-Made post this weekend but the time totally escaped me. I’ll post that tomorrow! Sorry! Now we’ll jump right in.

Me Made May: Day 14

Saturday we went for a hike in Forest Park while the sky threatened to rain. It was a bit chilly out, but warmed up with a brisk pace. I love going to Forest Park, because you’re smack in the middle of the city, but all around you are mossy trees, a creek, and singing birds. And this witch-fairy-unicorn house, of course.

This dress was inspired by a Modcloth dress that I didn’t want to pay $50 for. I took the Anda pattern from Burda and added some doilies from Etsy to the shoulders. I love the effect, but I always tend to get chilly and put on a jacket, and without the doilies it’s just a weird-colored sack dress. I’m kind of on the fence about it, but I still wear it pretty often.

Me Made May: Day 15

Sunday turned rainy and cold. No fun! We went out to coffee, and snapped this picture while we were there. I love that art deco design on my hot chocolate! This shirt is the Jennifer pattern from Burda (I know, I get about 80% of my from there). It was meant to be a test of the pattern, but then I ended up loving the fabric anyway. The shirt is a little constricting, comfort-wise, but other than that I love it, and wear it a lot. This day it was worn with an old knit vest, and a special hand-knitted cowl made just for me.

This is the halfway point! Will it get harder or easier from here?

Me Made May: Day 16

Another Monday. Today’s outfit is one of my favorites, because it turned out surprinsingly well when I made it. This is another copy of a Modcloth dress I didn’t want to buy, using a Burda style pattern (Madison). I feel so very Mad Men-esque in this dress. I haven’t worn it in a few months because the interfacing in the collar got a bit messed up, and I’ve been meaning to fix it. Of course I haven’t. I’m wearing it today anyway, and it still looks fine.

I’m worried that after this outfit I don’t have any more new work clothes to wear, and I’m going to have to start repeating everything. I’ll have to get really inventive so I don’t feel like “I just wore this last week…” I still have quite a few casual things, so I’m not worried about that, but the workweek might be a stretch to accomodate! Must make more nice clothes…

Stop back tomorrow (I promise) for a finished product post!