I did it! I stiched the last stitch on my first full quilt last week, and have been enjoying it wrapped around me on the couch the whole chilly weekend.

My quilt, with fingers and feet.


Last I posted about it, I’d just finished the top. Since then I’ve finished the back, sandwiched and quilted them together, and hand-quilted the binding to it. Done! I really love how it turned out.

I had a lot of fun designing the back, and throwing together the random elements. It’s a bit smaller than 60×80 inches, which is the biggest quilt I’ve made so far. I did a simple line quilting on either side of the seam going horizontally, then stitch-in-the-ditch down the verticals seams. Nothing fancy, just simple and bold.

It’s just big enough to warm your legs on the couch and maybe a friend’s legs, as well. If they’re close together, you know. And it’s just cozy enough for a cat to want to be on your lap. And it’s just bright enough to put some color into a rainy day.

It’s a good quilt, in all. I’m pretty happy with myself!