I amped up and pulled through these last two days, so maybe I’m over the hump?

Me Made May: Day 19

This is an entire outfit repeat, but I love the combination of loose sleeves and high-waisted skirt so much that I did it again. Plus, it’s comfortable. I just love that. I rode my bike to work in this, then Jesse and I went to a cute little French place for happy hour. Olives, Pommes Frites, and goat cheese. Yum.


Me Made May: Day 20

Happy Friday! It’s always a bit more casual here on Fridays, as you can see. This is the Jennifer shirt from Day 15, comfy and cute. I keep telling myself that I should make another one of these shirts because I like it so much. Hasn’t happened yet, so I’ll just keep wearing this one.



I’m looking forward to a casual weekend to get some sewing done and celebrate some birthdays! Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll be back on Monday with another post! That is, unless the Judgement Day occurs, you know. In that case, you’ll have bigger concerns than what I wore.