What a busy weekend it was! We had a lovely time, and it all started on Friday night when we went out dancing. Thus, I’m adding one more outfit to Me Made May: Day 20.

Excuse the horrible picture–can we say I’m just trying to channel the club feeling? This skirt is made from an Ikat pillowcase from Turkey (via my coworker, via eBay). I wanted kind of a paper-bag-waist feel to it. I think it works okay, though it’s short for me and I get self-conscious. But I figure dancing is the one place where it’s okay to go a little bit shorter–especially when a fellow dancer was wearing red leather underthings and nothing else.

Me Made May: Day 21

The impending apocalypse didn’t phase our plans at all today. Next week is Jesse’s birthday, and we began the festivities early by going out to lunch with his family at his favorite pizza place. Despite the weather being a bit gloomy, I brightened it up with my Cabo San Sundress. Love this dress! It has pockets!

Me Made May: Day 22

Another (very) lazy day, in which I didn’t get properly dressed until we went out for dinner. We celebrated two-birthdays-in-one this time, and went to Marrakesh for some pillow-sitting, belly-dancing, eating-with-our-hands, stuffing-ourselves-full good times. I wore my kimono dress, with a bright red belt.

This is the second dress I ever made myself, and it’s actually falling apart. The shoulder has a hole in it, the fabric is splitting at the seams, and the inside is a complete fraying mess. I’ve adjusted the fit about five times (no joke). But I actually love wearing it–it’s so comfortable, I love the color, and it looks great with a belt cinched around my waist. I’ve been debating whether or not to retire it, or try to mend the holes and keep it around.

Me Made May: Day 23

And, back to work again. The last work week in the month! I can do this. Today was my paisley ruffle shirt again. Tomorrow… who knows.