The end is near! I’m getting a little tired of taking a photo of myself every single day, to be honest. But I’m so close!

Me Made May: Day 24

Another successful showing of the Monday Blues Skirt. After the last time I wore it, and I got sick of all the fraying mess inside and gave it a little love. Now it’s clean and pretty, and the little shot of my favorite fabric makes me happy when I pull it on.

Me Made May: Day 25

It turned really gloomy today, so I needed a happy dress to brighten my workday. This really makes me feel like I’m at a circus, or should be carrying a baguette for a picnic…not answering phones.

But tomorrow after work Jesse and I will head to the airport and fly off to Denver for a nice vacation! We’ll be visiting friends in Denver, grandparents in Grand Junction, CO, and then hiking/biking in Moab, Utah.  I grew up in Denver until I was 16, and almost every year we took a trip out to visit the grandparents, and another trip out to Utah for camping and hiking, so this vacation is truly a nostalgic visit for me. I’ve already warned Jesse that he’ll have to put up with a lot of “I remember…” stories. He’s a good man.

It’s a busy vacation, so I’ll try to post a few times in the midst of soaking up the sun and revisiting my childhood, but I can’t guarantee anything regular. I will be finishing out the month of May wearing me made things, though, I promise! I’ll take pictures to prove it!

Happy Wednesday to everyone–until next time!