Hello from Moab, Utah! We’ve spent the last few days in Denver and just got to Moab tonight.  We’re having a great time– there’s something about vacation that’s just always so wonderful. All the time in the day is ours!

And yes, I’m still managing to wear handmade clothes!

Me Made May: Day 26

I went to work for most of the day, then we flew out of Portland in the evening. I wore my Liberty blouse again, since it’s jut so comfortable. It was perfect for the flight, with a cardigan.

Me Made May: Day 27

I woke up to more sunshine than I’ve seen in 7 months, it seems! Ah, Colorado. We spent the day wandering around downtown, eating brunch, and getting some sun. I wore a (brand new) skirt! It’s a rayon skirt with birds, attached to a yellow jersey waistband, so it’s really comfortable. I love it already.

We saw the Capitol Building, ate brunch, laughed at statues, tried the amazing Great Divide Brewery, and more.

I think my favorite was the Denver Pale Ale. Jesse’s favorite was….all of them.

Me Made May: Day 28
Today was my nostalgia trip. We drove to my old neighborhood, past my old house, school, church… it was all weirdly the same…. but different. There are a lot of strange feelings when you see things you remember from so long ago.
I wore a re-fashioned tank top, with a braided neckline I made awhile ago. It’s a little too fitted (tight), but I like the style.

We went to my favorite local park, which for this reason we called the Mushroom Park:

We saw my old high school, my old streets, the grocery store we went to.. it was big on reminiscing.

And this was the secret bridge path on the walk to school:

I have a few more days to update, but it’ll have to wait due to spotty internet. I’m going to try to finish the month out strong tomorrow with Day 31. Thanks for sticking with me!

More to come…