Oh, my, this update is really late, but I did it! I made it all the way to the end of the month wearing at least one item of handmade clothing! I can’t say I did a fantastic job, but it was a good first try.  We just got back from our crazy trip, so I’ll just wrap up the last few days here, but I’d like to reflect a bit on the Me Made experience later. I’ll also post some more pictures of our trip–we had a great time!

Me Made May: Day 29

We drove from Denver to Grand Junction today, a four hour drive through beautiful Glenwood Canyon. I made Jesse try the Hanging Lake hike, a short, 1.25 mile hike practically straight up the canyon wall. It’s short, steep, and rocky, and with the high altitude we felt like we had to stop every 10 steps. The top? Totally worth it.

I wore my bird shirt again, because it seemed like a good fit for clambering over rocks. Yes, that is the trail in the picture below–the water level was so high it had escaped the river and was hijacking the path!

Me Made May: Day 30

Besides being Jesse’s birthday (happy birthday my love!), today was a bit of a low-key day, just driving from Grand Junction to Moab. I wore my Color Explosion Tank Top, which was pretty comfy for a car trip. This pic is in front of our sweet B&B in Moab, Utah, the Cali Cochitta Inn, a perfect little oasis of good breakfasts and relaxation (hot tub!) in the desert. It was a lovely place to rest our bruised bodies after what we put them through.

Me Made May: Day 31

The end! The grand finale! We went mountain biking today (more on that later), and I have to admit that I didn’t wear anything handmade. It just wasn’t a good fit.

But after we got back and showered, I did wear my Nani Iro Kimono dress to dinner. I thought it was perfect since it was what I wore on Day 1. It began and ended the month for me! I did it!

I’m now in the fifth day of basking in the glory of wearing whatever I want to wear, and not needing to take a picture of it. Ah, yes, this is nice. But honestly, I loved doing this challenge, and I feel so great that I pulled it off. Celebrations are in order! Until next time!