Well, I’m settled back into the routine from vacation, I finished Me Made May fairly successfully, and it’s about time to reflect on the month. As a little recap, I spent the entire month of May wearing at least one article of handmade clothing every day. Below are some thoughts on the experience, and a few of my favorite days from the month.

Favorite, Day 1. Nani Iro Dress

Was I successful?

I think so. I didn’t push myself to the brink on this challenge–if I wore a handmade dress to work, I didn’t make myself wear something else handmade when I changed at home. So I didn’t fulfill the challenge every hour of the day. But I did try to always wear something “Me Made” if I was going out, and I managed to do that fairly successfully.

Did I enjoy the challenge?

Yes! Mostly. I did get tired of it by the end, and I wished I didn’t have to repeat so many items, but I did enjoy mixing it up and pulling out rarely worn items.

Favorite, Day 8. Summer Stripe Ceylon.

Would I do it again?

I would, but not anytime soon. I think this month gave me a good sense of what I like to wear, when, why, and what my common annoyances in homesewn things are. I’d like to use that to tweak my sewing skills in the future, and make more things I’ll actually wear and love. I don’t think I’ll be ready for another challenge until I’ve built up a bigger homesewn wardrobe! (Plus, can I admit that I’m a little sick of all my Me Made clothes? I need a break from them. I’m wearing my favorite Anthropologie dress today, and am just basking in it.)

Best part?

Well, the bragging rights are pretty nice! Also, I liked pulling out things I don’t normally wear and realizing that I actually loved them. And it was great to have incentive to make the small fixes that some items needed.

Favorite, Day 13. New Liberty Blouse.

Worst part?

Taking pictures every single day. Reason #187 why modeling is not for me–it just takes so much effort to be photogenic, and I couldn’t put that in every day!

Did I learn anything?

  • I have a tendency to make blouses too short and too small in the armholes. Uncomfortable.
  • I am much better when I use a real pattern instead of making something up myself. As much as I like the creativity, the end result is never something I like as much as when I use a real pattern.
  • My refashioned clothing is never super successful for the reason mentioned above. Something to work on.
  • I’m a fan of making a lot of cute, casual dresses–the item I have the least opportunity to wear. More work clothes are needed.
  • I think I could easily refashion more t-shirts, like my Bird Shirt, and like all those cute shirts you see at J. Crew and Anthropologie. I might need to get some options and experiment!
  • There are a few homesewn items that I need to retire. They are not comfortable, not flattering, and I don’t feel good in them. I’ve learned to give myself a break: it’s okay for me to get rid of them!

And that’s it! The end of May and the end of the challenge. Thanks for sticking with me! I did my challenge a month early, but Zoe  is hosting Me Made June ’11, and I am enjoying looking at everyone else’s outfits. If you want more, head over to their Flickr pool and check it out!