I’m really into minimalism lately. Getting ready to move, we’ve realized that we have a lot of stuff sitting around, and that no one really needs that much stuff.

I’m really excited to get rid of it.

I’m excited to pare down what I need and only bring what I can carry with me to Amsterdam. I picture us living in a small, clean space with only the essentials, supplementing with a few things when we get there. I like that idea.

In my dreams, I know. I doubt student housing is this beautiful! Via Design*Sponge.

Bringing only one suitcase leaves a LOT of stuff to put in storage, and since we have no idea exactly when we’ll be back or what space we’ll live in, I really want to be ruthless and only keep what we know we’ll use. A dresser. A bookshelf. The bed. Our favorite books.

 All the stuff we were keeping around because “I swear I’ll use that someday” is leaving. Those cracked mugs. The old sweaters I thought I’d wear again. The junk drawer filled with, well, junk. All the dvds except our absolute favorites. The coffeetable book we never opened. The extra bike we were going to fix one of these days.

I’ve been really inspired by 100 Things Challenge, the extreme of minimizing, about a guy named Dave who literally got rid of everything but 100 items. And several sewing/fashion bloggers recently did the 30×30 Challenge, where they chose only 30 clothing items to wear for a month and mixed them up to create new and interesting outfits.

 It really makes you stop and think: what do I really need surrounding me? If I could only have a few things, which are the most important? The most beautiful, useful, practical, and pleasing?

I don’t know about 30, or even 100, things, but I can only bring 50 lbs with me overseas, so I’d better start weeding through. I’ll keep the above picture as inspiration, and remember to bring layers.