It’s been a slow week here, on the end of a slow weekend, with another slow weekend in sight. We’ve been busy packing, organizing, cleaning, and then rebelling against all those responsibilities and going out to eat. With all that, I don’t feel like I have anything of much interest to share!

But I have been looking at more maps lately as we plan our travels, and I have to say: I just adore maps. I’ve always loved the idea of putting up a wall map and marking travels like these lovely examples below. (As always, click the pictures for original sources.)

Scratch-off map.Yes, please.

Chalkboard map, via Etsy

Hand-drawn world map

Tutorial via Life Blessons


Tattoo map. Love this!

 These are all perfect for inspiration and tracking. I’m seriously eyeing that scratch off one (but then I’d want to scratch it all off!), or trying my hand at drawing one myself when we get to Amsterdam. The problem then becomes, what to draw? The entire world, or just Europe? Or just the Netherlands? I have a slight problem with wanderlust, so maybe setting my sights on  one country is a better idea than having the entire world tempting me. I’m toying with this idea:
I’ll draw us a neat-o Netherlands map, nice and big, to color in the areas we’ve visited. Then as we explore out more, I can add more specific drawings in. Copenhagen? Add a Denmark in the northeast corner. Paris? Add France to the south. Rome? Add Italy, way to the south.
It’s a fun picture in my mind…I’ll have to see if it will actually work. It might just end up looking messy and unconnected.
For now, I’m still using Google Maps.
I should have some real finished sewing products next week, I promise!