We had a great sunny weekend here, which was perfect for our epic garage sale. We laid out all our junk, and by the end of the day I’d say we got rid of over half of it! Including some furniture, woo hoo! Also, it’s always nice to hear people on their cell phones, calling their friends to come look at all these awesome clothes for sale. So flattering!

Since the sale took up our whole weekend we didn’t do much else. This means we have four free weekends left until our big move. Four! With packing, seeing friends, cleaning up, and doing errands, the time is going to fly by, so I’ve made a list of the things we have to make sure we do before we leave.

Our Portland Before-We-Leave List

1) Newport Aquarium. I’ve never been, so when a Groupon deal popped up, I snatched it. Now we have to make sure we go!

2) See Midnight in Paris. We’re planning to visit Paris, so it seems appropriate.

3) Pittock Mansion. Another place I’ve never been. A bike ride, a picnic on the grounds , and a tour sounds like a lovely afternoon here!

4) Screen Door Restaurant. We’ve got to spend a gift certificate here, and gorge ourselves on the southern cooking. I choose the fried chicken over waffles.

5) 80’s Dance Night at Lola’s Ballroom. Enough said.

6) See the final Harry Potter movie. I have to leave knowing that the Muggle world is in good hands, you know.

7) And of course, Broder, my favorite restaurant in Portland for reasons I can’t fully explain. I just love it.


Our Portland If-Only-We-Had-More-Time List

A few places we would go back to if we had every day free for the next month.

1) Hood River’s Fruit Loop

2) Astoria and the Coast

3) Camping in Jesse’s secret spot. I’m not telling where, but it’s magnificent.

4) Berry-picking at Sauvie Island. What a perfect summer day.

5) Crater Lake. It’s not really in Portland, but oh how I wish I had a week off to go on this epic road trip I planned once. Someday.

6) Jade Teahouse– delicious Bahn Mi sandwiches, macarons, tea, and Vietnamese food, all in one wonderful place.

7) And last, if we were staying, I would make it a top priority to eat my way through this list: 100 Best Places to Stuff Your Faces, via Jen from Under the Table With Jen. The minute I saw this adorably illustrated list I printed it out and checked off the places I’ve been. 32. Not too bad.

I think it’s the perfect kitchen poster for those nights when you haven’t gone grocery shopping, and just want to go out to eat. Don’t know where to go? Reference the list! I’m not sure we can make it to the remaining 68 before we leave…

But we can try.

Anything I’m forgetting that we absolutely have to do? There’s so much I’ll miss in Portland it’s hard to know how to give it the best farewell. Luckily, we’ll be back. I mean, we have 68 more restaurants to check off! You can’t just leave a list like that unfinished.