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Summer is a time of spending hours on a blanket in a grassy park, with this drink in hand. In my mind, at least, that’s what I’m doing every sunny day.

 My friend Tayler, who writes at The Awkward Olive and keeps a wicked garden, happens to have a birthday on the Summer Solstice itself, lucky girl. So I thought, what better summer gift than a lovely summer quilt? It helped that I had a lot of colorful scraps to use up, and wanted to try making a line quilt with them.

I didn’t use much of a pattern, I just cut the fabric into strips of varying sizes, from 1.5″ up to 4″, then sewed them together into long strips. The hard part was figuring out what colors should be next to each other–I could have kept shuffling things around for days! If I moved a yellow scrap to be away from another yellow scrap, suddenly that messed up the blues, and then there were too many whites next to each other, and then… it never ended. I finally gave up. I think it turned out nice and random, though when I look at it I still find things I should have moved. 

The back is a big leftover Ikea sheet (I LOVE that bright orange!). I’d like to say that the green square is part of the design, but really the sheet was oddly shaped due to a previous project, and I needed to fill in a corner. Awesome, I know. It’s not even trying to match or blend in. Hey, that’s homemade for you–I do what I want!

I’m really happy with this one. It’s a nice little size–big enough to warm your legs during a movie, and just small enough to get really close to a picnic date. Take someone who wants to cuddle, Tayler!


It’s so nice to finish projects like this, and feel the satisfaction of giving it away. Quilts are way too easy to plan, with all those colors and shapes, but actually churning them out is a bit harder. It’s always a relief when I realize I actually pulled it off.

I’m winding down my sewing, getting ready for our move, so this is one of my last big projects. I’m not planning on being bored in Amsterdam, though; I have craft plans. But that’s another post!

In the meantime, Tayler, may the quilt bring you many summer days of good books, lemonade, friends, and grassy parks, and may it remind you of the sun when you’re curled up on your couch in the cold months!

Happy summer solstice birthday!