Happy Fourth of July! The weather finally turned into beautiful sunny days, making me feel like wearing sundresses, making iced tea, and roasting yellow ears of corn. We rode our bikes to a fruit and veggie stand this morning for cucumbers and tomatoes, and ended up coming home with a giant watermelon. Poor Jesse had to carry it, but I tried to encourage him by pointing out how delicious it will be dripping down our faces. He wasn’t easily convinced.

Last weekend I bought myself some pretty peonies, for the sole reason of making me happy. They were tight little buds when I bought them, and they’ve survived all the way to this week to look like this.

When I put them on our dining room table they made me smile every time I saw them. Now that they’re enormous, they make me even that much happier! Best summer investment ever. Underneath you’ll see the table runner I made last Thanksgiving. I was thinking “fall” when I chose the colors, but they’re so bright that I think it works anytime, really. Especially with huge summer flowers hovering over it.

We may or may not head out to watch fireworks tonight, but I’m quite happy looking at my peonies. It’s easier to take pictures of those, anyway, and a lot less crowded.

Happy fourth of July–I’m off to attack that watermelon.