Plane tickets are booked. This makes things very official. Pretty soon we’ll be Amsterdam residents! But before we settle in to wherever-we’ll-be-living in Amsterdam, we plan to travel around a bit. This is Jesse’s first trip to Europe, so there’s a lot of pressure. The planner in me is going a little wild, and I’m trying not to overwhelm him.

That said, some things just need to be planned! We have two weeks, so we’re going to spend one week in Prague and one week in Paris. I like the idea of that juxtaposition of cities: old world, Eastern European, a little crumbly, next to Western, cosmopolitan, and fast-paced modern. I’ve got all my plans for Prague down: I taught English there for six months in 2007  and I am beyond thrilled to be able to show Jesse all my favorite places.

Old Town Square, Prague, 2007

Paris, however, is a bit more tricky. There’s so much more to see! After a whirlwind couple of days there I still feel like a beginner. So, here’s where I need help. Have you been to Paris, friend? What Parisian experiences were the crème de la crème?

When asked what he wants to do, all Jesse will say is, “Eat croissants.” But if he spends 7 days doing only that he might hate himself so I’ve got to distract him. We’ll see the main things, but what off-beat, hidden places do we search for?  Where’s the best crepe location? What’s your favorite museum that’s less overwhelming than the Louvre? The Flea Market is on the list, recommended by a trusted source.

I’m happy to read Rick Steves, but I’d much rather hear it from you folks. Has anyone been to Paris before?  What should we do??