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We left all our packing woes behind this weekend and took off for the Oregon Coast. A day of picnicking on the beach with friends followed by a little day to ourselves left me feeling happy and good-tired. Few places are as beautiful as the Oregon Coast–I’m really going to miss it. It’s one of those things that’s always there, then I realize we’re leaving and I think “Why didn’t we come here more often?” I’m doing that a lot lately. Oh, the irony.

A windy, sunny day in Lincoln City

I’ve wanted to go to the Newport Aquarium for ages, because, well, I’ve never been there. So when some friends decided to do a beach day in Lincoln City it only seemed natural to stay the night and see the aquarium the next day. We slept in our car, which was exquisitely uncomfortable, so we were up at 6:30 that morning ready to be anywhere else.

Newport Bay

After wandering around the deserted historic bayfront of Newport, we found a coffeeshop and then headed to the beach. At 7:30 on a Sunday morning, with only a few other people and their dogs around, it’s easy to think deep thoughts next to the ocean.

Me: “I love how the beach is so clean.”

Jesse: “Uhh…,” looking at the dirty soda bottles we’re walking past.

Me: “Well, I know, but besides that.”

I was trying to get at the feeling of the beach constantly being scrubbed. All that salt water is like having a good cry every day, leaving the land refreshed and clean. The simple muted colors, the soft ‘shh’ of the waves, and the cool wet sand under your feet… it all feels so clean and simple, which is why people love the beach, I think. It’s a place to contemplate the cyles of life, and the coming and going of things. We talked about our Portland lives coming to a (temporary) end and what in the world our next chapter holds. What the Netherlands’ beaches look like. The fact that the Oregon beaches are probably better, in a more rugged sense. It was nice to escape the chaos of packing and stressing and buying tickets and stare the waves instead.

Then we went to the aquarium, where I did not take a picture of my favorites, the otters, because I was too enthralled with watching their busy little hands scrub their whiskers.

Starfish and green anenomes. Those colors!

Fish face.

What a weird creature.

 We ate clam chowder in a bread bowl, drank more coffee, then headed out of town to find more places with awesome names like Devil’s Punchbowl and Cape Foulweather.

What a good weekend.