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Since sewing is a huge part of this blog, and my life, you might be wondering what the heck I plan to do when we make the move across the world. Sadly, the focus of the next year isn’t going to sewing for me. I can’t bring my sewing machine and boxes of fabric, I can’t afford to buy fabric (they don’t give out student loans for that), and we probably won’t have room in whatever 50sf apartment we live in anyway.

So, my crafting plans are existent, but scaled down in size. I’ll mostly be concentrating on things I can do by hand, without the need for a machine. This might change the moment I google “used sewing machine Amsterdam,” but I’m sticking to it so far.

1) Embroidery. I’m going to bring my Embroidery Companion book and work on a few more projects from that. I’m still plugging away on a table runner, and have a few other pages earmarked. Maybe I’ll find some Dutch inspiration while I’m there as well. Christmas presents, perhaps?

2) Crewel work.  Alicia Paulson’s Crewel Sampler kit has already arrived in my mailbox, and is waiting to be packed. I plan on tackling it while I’m lonely. Those bright flowers will cheer me up for sure!

Daisychain ABCs Crewelwork Sampler. Click to link through!

3) Paper dolls. I might bring The Black Apple’s Paper Doll book, and make a stop-motion movie. I’ve been toying with the idea for awhile, and being alone in a room for 8 hours is a good motivation for it.

4) A quilt. A few months ago I hatched a plan to make myself a Dresden Plate Quilt. I carefully selected the fabric, ordered it, and have been cutting all those little plate petals. It breaks my heart to have all this lovely fabric sit in a box and wait for me for over a year, so here’s my plan:

  • Finish the back
  • Sew all the Dresden Plates together, and cut out all the circles

Then I’ll bring all that over to Amsterdam with me, and over there I’ll do the rest by hand:

  • Sew Dresden Plates onto quilt blocks, with middle circle
  • Buy batting somewhere and hand-quilt the entire thing.
  • Bind it. By hand. Or find a friend with a sewing machine.

Whew, that’s a big job, I know. I think I can do it? At the very least, it’ll keep me busy for awhile.

I’ve started counting. 16 days. Oh, my.