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I finished one last project before I have to pack up my sewing machine, and I love it! My finished results keep getting better and better–I’m a little sad I have to take such a long break from sewing. Will I forget everything I’ve learned?

I call this my Scandinavian Folk Skirt, because of the colors and the lovely berry pattern. I found the fabric at Bolt Fabrics up in NE Portland and immediately fell in love. With the way the lines are set, a skirt seemed so perfect for the pattern, and it turned out just right. It hits below my knees and is pretty full, so I feel a little like a milkmaid. I need to get some blond braids–can I order those anywhere?

I know, another Instagram picture, after I just promised that I wouldn’t go crazy. On Monday night I went out with a friend for a fun photo shoot on Mt. Tabor and I can’t wait to show off those pictures, but until then this is all you get.

The pattern is from a Burda magazine, my first attempt at that kind, and it consists of about 9 pleats in front and three bigger ones in back, with a side zipper. Really simple, actually, and it came together so easily. It was a perfect project to end on!

Now, if I could figure out a way to get myself to Sweden and wear this skirt while picking plump strawberries in a sunhat, my life would be close to complete. Blond braids optional.


UPDATE: Check out pictures of the skirt in action here!