I just love this collection of illustrated maps from artist Lena Corwin.

The style of these is so perfect, and I love all the different colors and shapes she puts in there.

The book has 20 cities in the US (including Portland!), and 20 cities internationally, all equally lovely and full of color. I just love the idea of doing something like this personally as a map of your life. What are the most important places to you? Where you grew up? Where you live now? Your favorite vacation spot? Would the map be a big one of the city you’ve lived in all your life (think of the details you could put in!), or would it be lots of different places? Or would it be a book of every single place you’ve visited?  If I collected maps of important places to Jesse and I, it would include:

Lincoln, Nebraska, where we met. (It’s such a good little town, it deserves a map.)

Portland, Oregon, where we got married and live, and where Jesse grew up

Santa Fe, New Mexico, where we honeymooned and ate a lot (I would include the food, of course).

There are many other places we’ve been, but those three stand out in my mind as being important places for us. And now I get to add Amsterdam! I’m toying with the idea of making embroidered maps like this for myself. The colors and lines would be perfect for embroidery, I’d just have to practice a bit. And it would be so lovely to have a collection of 3 or 4 personalized maps on my wall. My favorite places. No time right now, but I’m keeping it on my inspiration list for a rainy Amsterdam day!