I know you were waiting for this. The this-is-what-I’m-packing post. I know you were all waiting with anticipation to find out what shoes I’m bringing, which jacket I chose, and how many sweaters squished into the side pocket. I won’t go through all the boring details, and instead just show you.

Just kidding, this is only my carry-on. There is a giant stuffed suitcase to go along with this.

We drive up to Vancouver is just a few hours, so this is the big goodbye. Am I dealing well with the stress? Let’s just say I’ve had bloody mary’s the past two days at breakfast.

But, things are packed, accounts are cancelled, goodbyes are said, and our cat is warily in her new home. I think we just might be ready. Deep breath. I should say a few poignant things here, but I’m more likely to be caught staring blankly than thinking deep thoughts right now.

I have a few posts scheduled to go while we’re traveling, and I’ll try to check in and post some pictures here and there to prove we’re still alive.

Goodbye for now, Portland. Please continue being awesome in our absence, as I know you will.

And we’re off!