It feels weird to have said goodbye to Portland 3 days ago and only just now be waiting for a flight overseas. But it was a worthy stop for a few reasons.

1) Vancouver, BC. Such a beautiful day in such a beautiful city! We spent the whole time walking and eating, which is the perfect way to experience a city, in my opinion.

Do not adjust your screen.

2) White Rock, BC. All beach towns get me with the smell of salt. I just love that. White Rock also has a great beach, a pier, fish’n’chips, sunshine, friendly Canadians, and a Spirit of the Sea Festival going on that weekend. It was a good place, despite my sunburn.

Fish'n'chips'n'onion rings from Moby Dick's

3) To celebrate love and friendship. We were in Canada for a friend’s wedding, which was beautiful and perfect and dance-crazy and full of love. Everything you want in a wedding, basically. And thanks to Canada’s lovely laws there were two grooms and no bride, thus removing the “Is she prettier than I am?” factor.

David and Colin, I am so happy for you two, and so proud of you! Thanks for showing the world that a Canadian and an American can get married and have a Star Trek themed wedding cake without the world coming to an end. It was touch-and-go for awhile there. Kudos to your love and your transponders.

And last, it was a perfect weekend with these two beautiful people we’ve been living with for the past year and a half, who let us turn their house and their lives upside down when we said we were moving. Thanks for a wonderful weekend! I’m trying not to think about how much I’ll miss you or they might not let me on the plane due to hysteria.

And now, our bags are checked in and our next stop is Europe. I still don’t think I’ll believe this is happening until I can’t speak English with anyone. Soon! Until then!