There are a lot of feelings that Prague conjures up for me. It took up six months of my life, living here, and I loved and hated it. It’s a bit of a vindication to bring Jesse here, since he was a large part of what made me leave, and what made me miserable being here. Which is ridiculous, because look at it! What a good-looking place! I must really like that guy.

(I only have access to photos on my iPad, so this is what you get. And yes, taking photos with a iPad is every bit as awkward as you would think.)

On Tuesday we celebrated our 2nd anniversary. We were in the Amsterdam airport, which is efficient and clean and not very romantic. But I think being in Prague counts as our celebration, as well.

Two years ago, on August 2nd, 2009, Jesse and I turned to each other, with all our closest family and friends watching, and said,

I take you to be my constant friend, my faithful fellow traveler, and my one true love. I ask you to be none other than yourself. Whether the days that come be happy or sad, I will live them with you. I promise to love you without reservation, delight in your spirit and individuality, face challenges with patience and humor, grow with you, comfort you, and cherish you as long as we both shall live.”

Today, two years later, these words are still as true as the day we first spoke them.

My love, thanks for traveling with me.