I’ve been away from the internet for a few days, so it’s nice to be back on! Since I last wrote we have been to a great Music Museum in Paris and seen the fabulous gardens and chateau of Versailles.

I realized we have been traveling, on the road, since July 29th. That’s about 18 days! We’ve had a fantastic trip so far, but I have to admit that I’m ready to have a home again. I’m ready to cook in my own kitchen, unpack my suitcase for good, and stop moving every two nights. Traveling is hard work.

There has been so much to see and do that we have been stuffing our days full of walking and seeing, eating and walking. We realized that we were getting tired earlier every day, and our poor feet we getting more and more sore. So we picked a small town, booked a cheap hotel for four straight nights, jumped on a train headed for relaxation.

That’s how we found ourselves in Maastricht, a small town in southern Netherlands, last night. Once we found our hotel we fell into the bed, found an English channel on the tv (hello, Modern Family reruns), and we are still there a day later. We have ventured out for food, but we haven’t walked more than a couple blocks or seen anything interesting today, and it’s been beautiful.

Isn’t it funny that after all those beautiful cathedrals, the twists of art nouveau architecture, the sculpted gardens, the cobblestone streets…we just want to lay in bed and watch tv? It’s been just what we needed, though, especially before tackling Amsterdam. I would say that Maastricht has been a perfect taste of Dutch before the big city…but since we’ve been in our hotel room the whole day I wouldn’t really know.

Tomorrow we’ll be off to explore our little town, but tonight is another round of tv and fluffy pillows.