We have arrived! Yesterday we took a train from Maastricht to Amsterdam, passing green pastures dotted with cows. We found the housing apartment and went through the process of getting keys, registering with the city, and proving that we’re married and I belong here. (Yes, please. Please let me stay here.) Then we were off to find our apartment.

It’s not actually that far away from the city center (about 3 miles), but it’s on an island called Zeeburg, about 5 tram stops away from Centraal Station. I think once we get bikes we’ll have easy access to things, but for now we seem to be next to a boat marina and a park’n’ride lot.

Location aside, it’s a pretty good apartment. We knew it would be small so I’ve been picturing a closet-sized place, or the sample apartment in Ikea that’s so tiny that you can only live there with magic built-in Ikea shelving.

But it’s actually a good size! And kind of cute, in it’s own simple modern way. After a bit of cozying up it’ll work out nicely, I think. Here’s the layout, below. And remember that I’ve always been terrible at proportions, so the bedroom actually feels bigger than it looks here. You enter on the right, and we’re on the 4th floor.

Our suitcases are unpacked and things are slowly finding homes around the place. I’m thankful for the things I indulged myself in packing, like my pretty kitchen apron, a nice towel, a painting by The Black Apple, and an embroidery book. It’s those kind of things that makes a place feel like home.

We wandered around last night and enjoyed the sunset over a canal. I even saw a windmill. And, of course, the bikes. Everywhere. I can’t wait to get one.

Hello, Amsterdam! It’s good to be here.