Ah, Portland.

I mean, Amsterdam. The city treated us to a true northwest-inspired day with grey skies and wet streets. As far as I’ve heard, people make the same “Say goodbye to the sun for the rest of the year” jokes here as they do in Portland, so I think we’re in for a long but familiar winter. Jesse relishes the grey days, and I make do by distracting myself.

Today was the first day that Jesse is gone and I’m on my own, so I spent it wandering around with my umbrella and my camera, finding some color to add to the grey sky.

I managed to forget to pack any socks or leggings, so my first clothing purchase in the Netherlands were these bright red beauties at a sale. They are way brighter than what I normally wear, but they were a whopping one euro, and hey, I’m in Europe. I can wear whatever I want.

Lest you think that it’s all a beautiful life here in Amsterdam, a few reality checks:

–As we wait for loans to come through, we get to decide if we want to go out to eat or buy a metro ticket with our dwindling funds. Eating out isn’t as appealing when you have to walk 3 miles for it. Rice for dinner again.

–Our apartment, though lovely, has one bed. One small bed. While we are figuring out how to receive another one, we are trading off who gets it. Yes, that means one person is on the floor every night. Isn’t living abroad fun? I should mention that we have just one blanket, as well, so we get to trade that, too. I should also mention that we did actually try sharing the bed the first night, and in the interest of our marriage decided that the floor was a better option.

–When we contacted the landlord about said extra bed, we were told, “Oh, this is single’s only housing. You’re married? You can’t live here. And it seems we’re out of married housing.” Well, that explains the one bed.

Lovely. The known has suddenly become unknown again. When I said I wanted more adventure in my life, I didn’t mean being homeless! But don’t worry (as much as I am). We have a few routes to take, a few contacts to help us, and at least we’re warm and cozy at the moment. We can always live in these houseboats I saw today.