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I know, you Portlanders are thinking, “But Mt. Tabor is here, and you’re there…”

It’s true, these photos were taken over a month ago in Portland, but they turned out so good that I wanted to share anyway. One of our friends, Bonnie, had asked me if I wanted to do a little photo shoot with her, as she is always looking for more faces to photograph. You can see her lovely project, “30 Faces in 30 Days,” over at her blog, Mosslandia Creative.

And since I am always looking for better photographs of the clothes I make it was an easy “yes”! I took the Scandinavian Folk Skirt that I recently finished sewing up to Mt. Tabor with her, and we tried a few different things. When I put that shirt with the skirt I feel like I should carry a milk-pail around, and lead a cow to market.

Everything I know about modeling I’ve learned from America’s Next Top Model, so blame Tyra if these aren’t supermodel quality. And be sure to check out the rest of Bonnie’s portfolio here (her travel photos are spectacular!). She also does weddings, events, portraits and more!