You didn’t think I abandoned my craftiness when we started traveling, did you? Not at all. While I’m saying goodbye to sewing for awhile, I stuffed an arsenal of embroidery supplies into my suitcase. There’s nothing more comforting on a dark rainy night than putting on my pajamas, making a cup of tea, and settling in with my embroidery and a movie. I know, I’m 80 years old, apparently. Sign me up for “A Cat A Day Calendar” right now.

Past that, though, I really do love it. It takes so much concentration and at the same time it’s something I can zone out and just do by rote. I’ve managed to finish a project I started way back in January–laughingly I posted on this very blog that I would finish it by Valentine’s Day. Only 8 months later…

This is based on the Blackwork Sampler from Embroidery Companion, by Alicia Paulson. I changed the color and widened it to a rectangular shape. I love how this turned out, with the bright red against the snowy white. It’s not perfect, but with all those intricacies, who can tell? I’m not sure if I want to put this out now or store it until Christmas.

Next up in my embroidery hoop is the ABC Daisy Chain Sampler, also by Alicia Paulson, and is my first foray into crewelwork. Stitched in thick woolly Appleton Crewel Wool, the texture of this is amazing. I love how it pops out. I’ve already learned new stitches, and am getting better at my french knots and satin stitches.

The other day I went on a little walk, and in between bursts of sunshine and showers I found a little embroidery/knitting store, and a quilting store. It felt so nice to wander around those places of possibility. I had the familiar feeling of having so many things to do and make. It felt like home.