I have several posts in the works, about Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, and more. But the sun has come out, autumn chill is in the air, and I couldn’t resist throwing on a scarf and heading outside.

I found myself in a cozy cafe, Het Palais, on the Singel canal. There’s a frothy beer in a glass on my table, a handsome man across from me (I’ll go home with him later tonight. Oo la la!), and life feels pretty good right now.

It’s right around the middle of September that I remember how much I love Fall– right when the air starts smelling different, the leaves get a yellow tinge, and a scarf is necessary. If I were in Portland I would head to Hood River to pick pears and buy jugs of freshly pressed apple cider.

I’m not really sure what Fall means here, but I do love the late afternoon sun falling on the brick streets and glancing off the canals. I guess I’ll just figure the rest out. I’ve got time, and a beer, and a man to figure it out with. Fall is going to be pretty good, I think.